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Reviews Sorted by Date

Title Author Introduction Date
Upcoming RegenciesCheryl SneedCheck out our list of new Regencies for February and March. January 2013
RomanceLive! Julia Quinn and Elizabeth BoyleLori CarrollJulia Quinn and Elizabeth Boyle at RomanceLive! a book signing and live blogging event at Powells in Portland, OR June 3rd 2012. June 2011
Edith Layton Dies 6/2/09Cybil SolynEdith Layton passed away today. June 2009
Regency Library OnlineCybil SolynThe Regency Library is now online for anyone who wants to learn more about their favorite time period! October 2007
Celebrate Romance 2007 Success!Karen W.Karen W tells us what she thought of CR and what she learned while there. March 2007
Rita FinalistsCybil SolynThe best of the year can always be found with the books nominated for the Rita's. Be sure not to miss any of them… June 2006
The Demise of the Regency RomanceCybil SolynTrads are out and erotica is in, so what's next for the Regency? August 2005
The Minerva Press and the Price of Romance,
or That was Then, This is Now
Carolyn JewelCarolyn Jewel uncovers the mystery behind the ”Minerva Press” for Rakehell readers… October 2004
CR2004: Spring into RomanceCybil SolynCelebrate Romance 2004 was a smashing success… June 2004
Introduction To Regency DressAbigail MiltonWe all know women in the Regency wore clothes, but do you know what was worn when and why? January 2004
Jennifer Cruise Key NoteCybil SolynWhether you read contemporary romance or not, you have to respect Jennifer Cruise for creating her own brand of romance… July 2003
Beau Monde Conference in New York CityCybil SolynGossip, promotion, The Regency, and what's coming next… July 2003
Flights of Fancy: a short history of BallooningArthur EcclesFlights of Fancy: A short history of Ballooning.  June 2003
Nineteenth Century Banks of EnglandD. Wagoner of the GeorgianIndex.netWhat was banking like in the 19th Century? June 2003
Used vs NewKelly FerjutzIn a world where the internet can get you anything used, when do you decide to actually buy new? May 2003
Celebrate Romance 2003Cybil SolynAnother great year at Celebrate Romance! May 2003
Accurate or Inaccurate ?Kelly FerjutzHistory shimstory! What makes a book unreadable, and who says that we have a right to judge? May 2003
The London Coffee House: A Social Institution Deborah HaleA look at the rise and diversity of this popular English social institution of the 17th-19th centuries. April 2003
19th Century MailKristine HughesAn overview of 19th Century british mail. March 2003
Prinny's Many Mistressescare of The Georgianindex.netIt is often hard to remember that Prinny was once a handsome and charming man who had women falling at his feet… March 2003
Queen Victoria during the RegencyKristine HughesNot many people realize how manipulated the child who grew up to be Queen Victoria was, nor how unhappy…  March 2003
Henry Angelo's Fencing SchoolGeorgian IndexWe have all read about fencing schools and seen them in movies, but what exactly were they? February 2003
Secrets of a RakehellCybil SolynSure Rakehell has articles and reviews, but what lies hidden in the places you don't see? February 2003
The Witty Lord AlvanleyKristine HughesLord Alvanley – A dandy among fops. February 2003
Regency HorsesShannon DonnellyHunter. Carriage horse. Race horse. Town hack. Horses were more than just a part of everyday life in Regency England. January 2003
clash of clans gems hack . garcinia cambogia . girls scottish names for babies