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Falling for Chloe


Book reviewed by Suzanne Coleburn

Chloe Littlefield is a young woman who is outspoken, is left her own estate by her mother and runs it more efficiently than her father ever could. After all, he was a man who ignored her, had no interest in running the estate and was money grabbing.

After a long time indoors because of the weather Chloe takes out, Thunder, her father's new gelding and after a while is thrown in a mud puddle as he runs off. What is she to do now that she is a long way from home? Who would be coming down this lonely tract of land? Well, there is a hero to the rescue in the guise of her best friend Gil who is tall and handsome with his golden good looks sitting on a prime bit of flesh. And he is dressed and beautifully groomed as she's sitting in the middle of Dobson's Thicket. Chloe knows Gil, really Sylvester Gilliland aka Silly Gilly won't want to get himself muddy by taking her up on his horse, but he surprises her and puts her on the horse and starts leading her home on foot. When it starts raining they both get on the horse and head for shelter in old Barlow's cottage nearby. Of course he is away and Mr. Barlow and others discover them the next morning, in bed sheets while their clothes are strewn about the cabin drying. They are in a tangle now. Gil had wanted to talk to Chloe about his sister Tish who was hiding something from him and he wants Chloe to come to town and find out what it is. He also wants her to get a new wardrobe since hers is horrible with dresses that don't fit her and are unbecoming.

Chloe goes to London where she and Gil find out that their engagement has been announced. The two of them had vowed never to marry and now this. Not wanting to embarrass the other, they decided to play along with their friends. Chloe gets a new wardrobe, and attention from the wickedly handsome Lord Rival who is after Tish. Tish is married and has a young son, and she is flirting wildly with George Carstairs, Lord Rival, as well as gambling with him playing piquet.

I was enjoying FALLING FOR CHLOE so much, but when Lord Rival came on the scene I think he stole the show. If ever there was a redeemable hero, George is he. He is gorgeous, witty, knows his way around society, charming and a heartbreaker to boot. Chloe says all kinds of outrageous things to Lord Rival trying to thwart his attention away from Tish to try and save her marriage. You will be laughing and cheering as you are hoping that this book will somehow make George realize the errors of his ways and become Chloe's love. After all, his father and brother have gambled away every groat and left him with a title, a crumbling estate and a mountain of debt. In his heart he knows he can't go on too much longer as he is thirty-four years of age and needs an heir and marrying an heiress would be just the ticket. He's tired of living by his wits with nary a feather to fly with. Can he interest Chloe in marrying him? And how does Tish's husband Robert feel about his wife's gambling and flirting? Gil is amazed at Chloe's transformation since coming to town, her attention from Lord Rival and some of his friends that know the scam about his engagement and he is thinking there is no one he'd rather marry than Chloe. It is one bramble bath they have all tumbled into and how will it all turn out? As to that, I am leaving it up to you to find out. You won't be disappointed.

Ms. Farr's writing is delightful and she has a firm knowledge of the Regency era. Once I started FALLING FOR CHLOE I was falling for the story so fast I couldn't let go until I finished it in one big swoop.

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“Ms. Farr's writing is delightful and she has a firm knowledge of the Regency era. Once I started FALLING FOR CHLOE I was falling for the story so fast I couldn't let go until I finished it in one big swoop…”

November 2001, 213 pages
Publisher: Signet
ISBN: 0451200047

Back Cover Blurb:

~HIDDEN LOVE~ Dashing Sylvester "Gil" Gilliland would no more think of ravishing--much less marrying--his comely childhood friend Chloe than he would his own sister. but Gil's mother happily sees more to their bond than either yet realizes. And when the two innocents are caught in a deceptively compromising situation, she wastes no time in using it to her advantage--and theirs. Soon enough, the pair find themselves no less than engaged--and no less than panicked at the very idea. But in a case of mother knows best, what seems a tender trap may free two stubborn hearts…

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