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To Catch A Rogue


Book reviewed by Leanne Davis

Miss Calliope Chase comes from a family of scholars. She and her eight sisters were all named after the Greek Muses. Cal and her sisters, Clio and Thalia all have an interest in antiquities and scholarly reading. With the help of their friends in the Ladies Artistic Society, Cal expresses her concern about the theft of many valuable pieces of art stolen from various members of the ton.

Cameron de Vere was born to an English father and a Greek mother. He was raised all around the Mediterranean Sea and on the stories of Greek gods. His visit to Greece as a young man cemented his interest in the disposal of Greek artifacts by collectors, and he returned all his father's collection to Greece. Cameron has come to England to participate in the season.

Sparks fly between himself and Calliope Chase on their first meeting. Cam is stunned when Cal accuses him of being the Lily Thief. Together they work to stop the thefts. Cameron must work hard to overcome Calliope's initial distrust, but eventually they find a way to trust one another.

Ms. McCabe has started a new trilogy with a strong story and some interesting and unique characters. The exposure of the thief's identity will surprise and delight the reader. People who love the Regency will want to pick up this book and delve back into their favored world.

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“Miss Calliope Chase sets out to capture a thief and is surprised by what she finds. ”

April 2010, 277 pages
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373295890

Back Cover Blurb:

When antiquities begin to go missing from London drawing rooms Miss Calliope Chase sets out to restore order. The thief must be a well-connected member of the Ton. And she doesn't need to look much further than Cameron de Vere, Earl of Westwood, for a suspect.

What she doesn't realize is that her determined pursuit of a criminal is beginning to look like a budding romance. Until Cameron kisses her, and her ordered life is thrown into appalling confusion!

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