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Winning the Wallflower


Book reviewed by Lori Carroll

Mr. Raventhorpe has a plan. A plan that involves several steps, step five being: Marry a lady from the aristocracy. When his mother married for love, her family disowned her. This was never a problem for anyone except Raventhorpe who wanted to see his sisters marry well. He devised his plan in the hopes of offering them all the advantages he can manage. When he picked Lucy Towerton, he thought he was doing so only as a matter of convenience. When he found himself once again a free man he couldn't understand why he was so irritated and still focused on Lucy.

Despite her mother's machinations, Lucy had absolutely no problem marrying Raventhorpe. A little thing like an inheritance wasn't going to change her opinion on that. But now that she did have some other options, she was determined that her husband would actually like her as a person and not just a means to an end.

Although Winning the Wallflower was Eloisa James' way of introducing Olivia for her upcoming full-length book, I thoroughly enjoyed Lucy and Raventhorpe. You make certain decisions in your life based on a set of circumstances. But what happens when those circumstances change? Do you stand by your decision or do you go in a different direction?

I admired Lucy for her ability to be happy with the decisions that she made prior to her inheritance. She still wanted the same things out of life, and now she had the ability to demand them for herself. While Raventhorpe had an intense need to control everything in his life, when it came time for him to change his outlook, he rallied quite nicely.

All in all, a cute, short, sweet love story that did its job and made me want to read more about Olivia. If you get a chance to read Winning the Wallflower, I say take it!

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“A cute, short, sweet love story only in ebook format.”

December 2011
Publisher: Avon

Back Cover Blurb:

Lady Lucy Towerton Plain and tall. (According to the lady herself.) Titled, and irreproachably proper. (According to her fiancé.) Until, overnight, she becomes Lady Lucy Towerton Heiress. (Thanks to an aged aunt's bequest.) Belle of the Ball. (So say the fortune hunters of the ton.) In charge of her own destiny (finally!), Lucy breaks her engagement and makes up her mind to never be proper again...

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