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How a Lady Weds a Rogue


Book reviewed by Lori Carroll

Diantha longs for adventure. When she finally gets the chance to have one, she doesn't waste any time thinking about all the consequences. Unfortunately, one of those consequences is being left behind while her maid/chaperone runs off. Now she is faced with traveling to find her mother alone. That is until she spots Wyn traveling on the same coach as her.

Wyn is finally going after the man that ruined his life five years ago. But now he is stuck with making sure Diantha is returned to her family safely. She's more stubborn then a mule and after she escapes once, he knows he needs to humor her plan in order to convince her to stay with him. Revenge can wait an extra week, right?

What Wyn didn't count on was how much he would want Diantha as the days went by. Wyn has spent the last five years buried in the bottom of a bottle and has no wish to crawl back out. After a heated moment with Diantha convinces him that he needs to get himself under control, he decides to quit cold turkey. Which means traveling is not an option once the withdrawal kicks in.

Wyn and Diantha were perfect. I loved them! He was dark and tortured and brooding, and she was dreams and hopes and aspirations. The moments when they were together, I could feel the sparks flying.

I was a little confused sometimes about the rest of the storylines going on, but that seems to be the same for all the books in this series for me. The author holds her cards very close to the vest, but without making them seem like they're secrets. So it almost feels like you should know it, but then the reveal comes and you figure it all out.

I am a huge fan of the grovel scene, I love it when a man has to realize that he messed up and has to figure out how to make things right. Wyn lies to Diantha for a large portion of the book, and when all of it comes unravelled he's left scrambling to keep her.

How a Lady Weds a Rogue is the third book in the "Falcon Club" series. I really enjoyed this book, both as a stand alone story and as an addition to the series, and am looking forward to more.

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“Can her love tame his demons? ”

October 2012, 384 pages
Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 0062031899

Back Cover Blurb:

Beautiful Diantha Lucas understands society's rules: a young lady must find a man to marry. But Diantha has a bigger goal, and she's not afraid of plunging into adventure to achieve it. When daring, dashing Wyn Yale rescues her, she's certain he's just the man she needs.

As an agent for the secret Falcon Club, Wyn knows his duty, but he's not about to admit he's a hero of any sort. He has a plan, too: steal a prized horse, murder an evil duke, avenge an innocent girl, and probably get hanged for it—in that order. Wyn can't afford to be distracted by a pretty face, even one with delectable dimples and kissable lips. But how can a country miss and a hardened spy solve their problems when they can't keep their hands off each other?

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