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A Most Naked Solution


Book reviewed by Cybil Solyn

This being an "Impulse" title from Avon, it's a very short novella - which means fast paced and not much depth. BUT, Anna Randol uses every page to get sexy, recently Baroned, mathematician Lord Camden Grey and the newly widowed sister of Bennett (a hero from her previous book), Lady Sophia Harding to believably fall in love.

Camden is a mathematician on the verge of a new equation discovery - or at least he would be if he didn't have to investigate the three month old death of a local lord. A concerned citizen has imparted potentially questionable information about the case. It seems that two men were overheard in the local tavern discussing how Lord Harding's murder was paid for by a woman. Camden's prime suspect is Harding's widow - Lady Sophia. Having known her since she was young, and being a long ago friend of the family he doesn't like where his investigation is leading him, but logic tells him she's the best suspect.

Until he meets her that is. The interest they both had in one anther in their youth is still there. As Camden uncovers the mental and physical abuse Sophia suffered at the hands of her late husband he begins to wonder whether it matters who killed Lord Harding. He's just glad he's dead. Still, he must discover who murdered him since someone is now trying to hurt Sophia as well.

For a second installment of a new author I would have liked to seen more. 152 pages just isn't enough to get a fully fleshed story out, but Randol does a good job with what she has. It left me wanting to read her next book NOW.

I wasn't that interested in the plot, but it was well utilized to put Sophia and Camden together. I really liked how Sophia was his mathematical muse. I also respected that before they married, Sophia took time away from him to heal and find herself. Like I said, this would have all been better in a full length book where our hero and heroine could have been fully fleshed out and revealed to us, but it was good for what it was.

Bottom Line: This short novella will both whet your appetite for Randol's next full length book, and make you a bit sorry that Camden and Sophia didn't get more pages for us to discover them.

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“An Impulse novella that feeds the need for a little Anna Randol, but just barely.”

November 2012, 152 pages
Publisher: Avon

Back Cover Blurb:

Lady Sophia Harding: beautiful, blond, and . . . capable of murder? That's what Lord Camden Grey intends to find out. It is Camden's duty to uphold the laws of the land. His neighbor's pale beauty and winsome grace don't make her the most likely suspect, but is the innocent and altogether beguiling look in her eyes the truth, or is she secretly a scheming seductress?

Lord Camden Grey is entirely too distracting and too smart. Sophia knows that to keep her family's secrets, she must avoid any entanglements with the powerful and brutally handsome man. But the pull of their mutual desire is all-consuming. Can Sophia trust Camden with the truth when she knows it might kill the love that has grown between them?

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