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My Scandalous Viscount


Book reviewed by Cybil Solyn

The back cover blurb does a credible job at summing up the story so I'm not going to reiterate all of it - especially since I would tell you to keep away from this book. It will suck away your will to read.

As for me, I'm giving up on Foley until she ditches this series. I adore Foley, but I hate, hate, HATE the Inferno Club series, and this is the worst one yet! The hero and heroine lie to each other constantly. Carissa is a total gossip and Sebastian is a loveable rake with secrets. This could make for an interesting read with some great reparte, but instead we have secrets and lies and the hero and heroine mistrusting each other - and for good reason. I wouldn't trust Carissa as far as I could throw her.

Sebastian and Carissa had good chemistry in previous books, and at the beginning of this one even though it's a marriage of convenience neither seemed that upset about being married. No, real the real problem starts when you realize that Carissa is keeping a BIG SECRET and Sebastian is keeping a BIG SECRET - and yet neither has a good way of telling the other without disaster occuring. As the story goes on and on and they each dig themselves in deeper, and I didn't feel any connection to the characters except awkward discomfort.

Add to this mess the Inferno Club intrigue and I was uncomfortable, bored, and upset through most of the book. So that's it. I'm out. No more Inferno Club for me.

Bottom Line: Stay away. Stay far, far away. Even if you're an Inferno Club fan skip this one.

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“Another Inferno Club book makes me hope this series is over with soon.”

October 2012, 384 pages
Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 0062075934

Back Cover Blurb:

Sebastian, Viscount Beauchamp, lives by a code of honor, and now honor dictates he must marry Miss Carissa Portland. He has no regrets over stealing a kiss from the adorable little busybody—a fitting punishment for putting her delectable nose where it didn't belong. But now, caught in a compromising situation, he knows he must make her his bride. He's faced danger before—but nothing like this!

Carissa is not a gossip—she's a "lady of information." And all she was trying to do was warn the rakehell Beauchamp away from an irate husband. But even she can't flaunt Society, and while her head tells her that Beau's a notorious scoundrel, her heart—and her body—are captivated by his dangerous charm. But when Carissa next goes snooping, the secrets she uncovers about the Inferno Club may prove even more hazardous than falling in love with her own husband.

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