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Book reviewed by Barbara R. Hume

I've reviewed earlier books in this series for Rakehell. To refresh your memory, the first Akoran trilogy, set in 1814, includes Dream Island, Kingdom of Moonlight, and Castles in the Mist. The second Akoran trilogy, involving the next generation and set in 1837, includes Fountain of Dreams, Fountain of Secrets, and Fountain of Fire.

Being a Regency fan, I prefer that venue to the Victorian, but Josie Litton makes all of these stories most enjoyable--and it's interesting to see the world that these characters inhabit change around them, as indeed it must. For example, we get to see Melbourne as the distinguished senior statesman supporting the young queen, rather than as the betrayed husband of the unstable Caroline Lamb.

Each of these novels requires a strong, gifted hero and heroine to avert an incipient disaster for both Akora and England. In Fountain of Fire, the threat comes from a plot to murder the youthful Queen Victoria in order to place someone on the throne who would be more amenable to the villain's agenda. William, Earl of Hollister, is working secretly to discover the villain's identity and foil the plot. Princess Clio of Akora, visiting in England, becomes a major distraction, since he must deal with his growing attraction to her and her unladylike penchant for putting herself in danger. Eventually the two must work together to prevent tragedy and upheaval.

This story is a fascinating blend of accurate historical background, a fantasy island kingdom, and a few subtle otherworldly elements. Once you start on the series, you inevitably want to find out what happens to the other characters as well. And since Fountain of Fire has a leftover tortured hero at the end, I hope that means that Litton will at some time give us his story as well.

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“Another stellar book in Litton's Akora saga. Beware – she has now moved into the Victorian era.”

October 2003, 356 pages
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0533585851

Back Cover Blurb:

In a family of women who possessed uncommon powers of seeing and knowing, Princess Clio of Akora was blessedly ordinary. Or so she thought, until her trip to England--and the visions. The gift was a sure sign of impending peril. . . .

William, Earl of Hollister, had never met a woman like Clio. Her spirit had him dazzled--and determined to get her out of Holyhood immediately. As a secret agent guarding Queen Victoria from assassination, Will is prepared to risk himself, but not Clio. . . .

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