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Yes we have gotten all your emails, and we have heard all your inquiries. So what happened to Rakehell and the beautiful homepage to the right? She's hibernating, that's all. We're weathering the dot com collapse (freelancing: XiAlliance), and I'm now taking the time to build a more solid content management system for Rakehell.

The dynamic articles are back up and running on our own server, and we invite you to Contribute! You will be wowed by the DevinEditor and how easy it is to add an article to the site.

Next up in my timeline is to import the old resource databases, and then it will be time to bring the homepage back to life, possibly with an updated design.

Nils Devinesubmitting2001-12-21
Someone had a great question, "how do I submit a new article to you guys?" The quick and dirty answer is, "using the DivinEditor." I'll give a longer answer in an article.
hilda Godfreyadding an article2001-12-21
Just added an article and I was amazed at how simple it was. I can't wait to see what tools you put up next! If they are anything like the ones now they are going to be great.
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