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Rakehell is always accepting submissions for reviewers, but Rakehell only accepts certain kinds of reviewers. Here is what we are looking for:

Rakehell reviews are:

  • Always honest. You will never be forced to write a good review of a bad book. You will also never be told that there is always something good about the book. Sometimes there just isn't.

  • In that same vein, reviews are never cruel. All negative comments must be backed up with a reason. It is also not uncommon for a Rakehell reviewer to say, "I don't like this type of book, but if YOU like ___ then you may enjoy this book."

  • Always tactful. You must remember at all times that the book you are reviewing came from the heart of an artist, and that they DO have feelings.

  • Personal. Rakehell reviews are not book summaries. Rakehell readers want to know what the book was LIKE, not just what it was about. We expect you to find your own voice. Our reviews are open to personal thought and don't need to be stuffy.

  • On time. Many of our books come directly from the author and therefore when a review is late it affects the author whose book only has a limited shelf life.

  • Not always free. Whenever possible we get ARC's or galleys for our reviewers, but on occasion a reviewer has to buy the book.

  • Enjoyable. We don't like giving bad reviews anymore than authors like reading them, so Rakehell tries to fit the book to the reviewer. Most times you will choose what books you review.

If you think you have the makings of a Rakehell reviewer please submit a sample review to csolyn@rakehell.com

lakshmiSend me a sample book and I'll review it for you2004-07-29
I love historical and regency romances and have been reading them from when I was in school. I love the decorum and morale of a society where the hero and heroine are not allowed to express their feelings until the pent-up passion finally explodes. I possess a Masters in Literature.
CybilSend me a review...2004-07-29
Lakshmi - I would love to see if you have what it takes to be a Rakehell reviewer. What I need for you to do is review two books for me. The first needs to be a book you love, the second a book you hated. Please send both reviews to csolyn@rakehell.com. Good Luck!!
Auerelia Kingbecoming a reviewer2004-09-11
I, too, would like to become a reviewer. I have a B.A. in philosophy and an Masters in Education. I am currently teaching Literature. I have recently, this summer, become entranced with Amanda Quick novels and others set in that similar time period. Let me know if you are still looking for reviewers. Thank you for your itme.
Christinebook reviewer2004-10-14
Hi Cybil, I love to read regency and historical romances and would love to become a reviewer. I do not have my degree, but do have two years of college where I majored in English Literature. I am in the process of going back to school after sixteen years of marriage and three children to finish getting my degree. I am also currently writing my first historical. Even though I am busy with my life at home and also work full-time, I still find time to curl up with a book. Just ask my husband. He's constantly complaining because we have barely any space left due to my many, many, many piles of books.
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