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Book reviewed by Cybil Solyn

There is nothing like finding a new author to adore. I will admit that it is a love hate relationship. You have to buy ANOTHER book, and support another author, but in the end with talent like Karen Hawkins the good far out weighs the bad *grin*!

Her fluid prose and superb wit kept me turning pages long past the time I should have gone to sleep. In fact I haven't been that hooked into a book since my first Jo Beverley book.

With A BELATED BRIDE, Karen Hawkins has turned me into a devoted fan. I am always a bit wary of "return of the man who broke her heart" plots because they tend to have too many big misunderstanding, but NOT so with ABB! Madame Hawkins' heroin might not be wearing pants (a known weakness to this reviewer), but she has all the pieces that I love in a strong female character.

Arabella is a strong, stubborn, intelligent, independent woman who's determined not to marry the incredibly sexy, roguish, hero Lucien, but she hasn't bargained on his determination to do the right thing!

As far as I'm concerned its the sub characters that bring this book above and beyond your average romance. Arabella's two sweet but meddling aunties who have a fondness for tonic, sheep potions, and gambling were hilarious. By the end of the book I wanted to invite the two eccentric ladies over just to see how my friends would react to their antics! Karen can truly build an entire world around her plot – oh and her plots! Spies, smuggling, and a who-done-it!

Bottom Line: Pull together a stunningly unique voice, humorous sub characters, and an exquisitely good yarn and you will find yourself unable to stop reading Karen Hawkins A BELATED BRIDE.

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“With A BELATED BRIDE, Karen Hawkins has turned me into a devoted fan. ”

January 2002, 310 pages
Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 0380815257

Back Cover Blurb:

She'd Never Marry Him! The last man Arabella Hadley ever wishes to see again is Lucien Deveraux, the handsome, dissolute Duke of Wexford – who broke her innocent heart years ago and disappeared to London. So when she finds an unconscious man on her deserted country road and sees that it's Lucien, she's tempted to leave him there. But even more appalling than his presence is the brazen kiss he plants on her shocked lips and her response! So it would be totally insane to take him home to recover – wouldn't it?
Except For One Small Thing… Lucien dares not reveal why he's returned to his country estate – or why he abandoned the strong-willed beauty years ago. Especially since Arabella clearly has secrets of her own. But when her scheming, marriage-minded aunts successfully compromise them, the two are forced to become man and wife. Which makes it ever harder for both to battle the passion that never disappeared…

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