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A Kiss From a Rogue


Book reviewed by Cybil Solyn

Loosely connected to Karr's last novel What An Earl Wants, A Kiss From A Rogue has the same excellent writing, but I just couldn't enjoy the characters as much as her previous book.

Anthony Sinclair has no direction. His brother just got married to the most amazing woman Anthony has ever met, and taken over the duties of running the family estate that Anthony had been doing while his brother was at war. Having nothing better to do he decides to become a Rake, and when he sees Sylvia he decides she's the perfect woman to start with!

Lady Sylvia Montgomery may have been recently widowed and left with no other option than to become a smuggler to keep her tiny village afloat, but that doesn't mean she isn't a lady! So When Anthony Sinclair comes into town and thinks he is going to try his rakish ways on her he makes a serious mistake. But as she gets to know Anthony she realizes that the mistake has been hers. While she agreed with Anthony that a sham marriage was the only way to save her village from a rival smuggling group, she never realized that it would lead them both down a dangerous and romantic path that neither of their hearts could escape.

After meeting Anthony in What An Earl Wants I was dying to read Karr's next novel, but I am sad to say I was disappointed in this one. I felt that the plot, which was pretty complicated, took up too much space and didn't leave enough room for the romance. There were so many smuggling details and additional agendas that by the time our hero and heroine were about to make love I didn't feel like they should because I just didn't buy the romance between them. The difficult thing is that I liked both characters a lot, but I just didn't feel the passion. This left the sex feeling empty and meaningless…not something you want in a romance novel!

Still, the book is staying on my shelf until I read Karr's next novel. I have found that middle books sometimes grow on you as the series grows, and that as the total story is developed I like the other books of the series more and more. Karr still remains on my Must Buy list. Her writing is still solid and her stories fun and entertaining.

Bottom Line: If you haven't read Karr's other book don't start with this one, but if you, like me, are a budding fan go ahead and pick it up. I can easily see where you might kick yourself later for not owning it.

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“A lost woman smuggler meets a man looking for direction.”

February 2006, 384 pages
Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 0060834110

Back Cover Blurb:

Her inherited estate is bankrupt, but Lady Sylvia Montgomery will never allow the townsfolk who depend on her to starve. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the plucky beauty reluctantly assumes the leadership of a smuggling operation – a mantle that fits her surprisingly well. However, the perilous enterprise may be more than one resourceful, genteel lady can manage alone. Luckily, help is on the way – in a most deliciously enticing masculine form!

Stripped of all familial responsibilities when his brother, the earl, returns from war, Anthony Sinclair has decided to become a rakehell. His pursuit of pleasure has led him to a village with a secret – and to an intoxicating lady involved in criminal activities. By rights, he should simply seduce the wench, have his way with her, then vanish. But the bewitching Sylvia has captured Tony's heart. And to win her love he will join her in turbulent and dangerously exciting waters where no true rake would ever venture.

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