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A Gentleman Seduced


Book reviewed by Valarie Pelissero

Diana Tiverton is all a proper lady should be, she has followed the proper path and is dutifully engaged to a very proper, and very dull man that won't even kiss her, but she longs for more in her marriage. Diana longs for a little adventure before her boring marriage to a boring peer. Diana is curious about what goes on in the marriage bed and even though she isn't happy about her upcoming nuptials, she is determined to please her new husband, and she hopes that not only will her half-sister Ivory, owner of one of London's infamous brothel's guide her, she will also let Diana have one small adventure. A masked Diana receives an eyeful of Lucian Northcote during a game of naked blind man's bluff, and she wishes that she could be the woman he chooses. Lost in her fantasies, Diana is jolted back to reality when she realizes that her stuffy fiance has just joined the game. Reeling from shock and betrayal, Diana flees the place before she is recognized and runs straight into the arms of Lucian, who offers to give her the sensual adventure she longs for during a night in his bed. Their one night turns into three and jaded Lucien finds himself enchanted by the innocent miss as she turns the tables on him and fulfills all of his sexual fantasies.

A Gentleman Seduced by Sharon Page is a short, erotic e-book available from Ellora's Cave, whose story is focused solely on Diana and Lucien and their journey to sensual fulfillment. Ms. Page writes a sensual story with well-defined characters that immediately capture the reader's attention. Diana is a typical Regency miss, with just a hint of a wild side and she is more than a match for Lucian, both in bed and out. Lucien is your typical Regency rake, he has grown bored with his jaded existence, but one innocent miss gives him a new purpose, to spend his days pleasuring only her. Erotica is not my first choice in reading, but I have found some talented authors out there, who can write a captivating, but spicy story, without making the sex seem gratuitous, and Sharon Page is one such author. In a scant 114 pages Ms. Page managed to incorporate so many different sexual acts into the story that I was surprised, but each sexual encounter was written as pivotal to the story and each one managed to move the story along rather than being inserted because the story had stalled. I would download another of Ms. Page's stories just to see what else she has in store for her readers

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July 2006, 114 pages
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0006-4

Back Cover Blurb:

Desperate to enjoy one glorious adventure before submitting to her boring—but enviable—match, Diana Tiverton arranges to masquerade as a madam for one night. Forced to flee the brothel before she is discovered, Diana accepts the help of the dangerously intriguing Lucian Northcote, Viscount Pembroke. Escaping in his well-appointed carriage, Diana quickly discovers that all of the excitement she could possibly want is right in front of her.

After impulsively helping the reckless innocent, Lucian is more than happy to indulge her need for sensual adventure. But before their few days of wicked passion are up, Lucian finds to his shock that he is becoming…A Gentleman Seduced.

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